Altered Tales (LGBTQIA)

The Master Thief

The Master Thief claimed me from the start. The title itself jumped out at me from a whole long list of Grimm’s tales I was perusing looking for something I might want to learn to tell. I read through it, and I knew it was telling my story–pieces I had lived and pieces I longed […]

Jack My Hedgehog

 BZ Smith says: I’m looking for Transgender material, and am trying to get started on a piece centered on Prince Hedgehog…born in unlovable skin, so to speak. Just starting on this. I have a transgender family member & want to work on the piece as a tribute to this unparalleled act of courage. There was […]


Naomi Socher tells “a version of Catskin that ends in her marrying a nobleman’s daughter instead of a son. In my [Mary Grace Ketner] version, the nobleman holds grand balls to find the perfect mate for his daughter and all the eligible lords and ladies are invited, since she’s bi.” Accessed from Fairy Tale Lobby: […]

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