Diving in the Moon Journal-2013


Welcome to the first online issue of the Healing Story Alliance Journal!

The 2013 issue is dedicated to the theme of Listening

Arriving in a Workshop Story
Reginald Dorian Haarhoff, D Phil

Michael Williams

Answering the Call to Adventure: A Hero’s Journey Group for People Facing Life-Changing Illness and Disability
Jennifer Lunden, LCSW, LADC, CCS

Story Listening as a Transformative Process
Doug Lipman

Photo by Lani Peterson 2013

At Crescent Lake
Kimberley King

Listening To the Fool: Breakthroughs In Understanding
Andrei Armeanu

Shelley The Sea Turtle Meets Rustle The Plastic Bag: An Australian Environmental Story For Children
Jenni Cargill-Strong

Zoya Erem 2011

Healing, Change and Storytelling
Steve Banhegyi

Life Participation through Storytelling: How People with Aphasia Come Alive with Stories
Mary Louise Chown, BA, BEd, BFA

“Man Walking Through Trees Uphill in Fog” by Melani Marx

Courageous Conversations: Stories That Foster Self-Awareness, Build Skills and Cultivate Confidence
David Lee

Offering Water From The Well
Joan Stockbridge

Where Stories Draw Breath
Thomas Doty

Co-editors Mary Louise Chown
and Allison Cox thank all who
offered their talents and time
for this issue.

Please respect the copyrights of all our contributors.

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