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This 80 minute video is comprised of core concepts and activity prompts excerpted from Lani Peterson’s four-hour virtual workshop produced by Healing Story Alliance on May 21, 2023. It guides us on a remarkable Heroine’s Journey. Through telling our stories and listening to the stories of others who walk a similar path, we can explore within ourselves and between each other, the underlying knowledge, skills, and support we need to help us live our lives more fully.

Healing Story Alliance is delighted to present a video recording of the virtual concert, Social Action Stories curated by Dr. Kevin Cordi on June 4th, 2023. Listening to and telling social action stories renders people and their stories visible. This program, which grew out of the recently released book, Social Action Stories, (Ed. Cordi, Milks, and Van Tessell, 2023) captures the voices of five storytellers, activists, educational reformers, therapists, and regular folks who advocate for change through deep listening and deliberate action. These stories are intended to move your work as a storyteller towards an equitable world.

NEWS! The Social Action Stories book has won a Storytelling World Award!

You have something to say in a story, but how do you say it without sounding too pushy or opinionated? In this one hour and 56-minute video comprised of core concepts and breakout room activity prompts excerpted from Sue O’Halloran’s four-hour virtual workshop produced by Healing Story Alliance on Nov. 12, 2023, Sue O’Halloran explores how she approaches themes of race equity, diversity and inclusion in creating stories that respect, enlighten, and emotionally move your audience members to act. Rich with historical insights, this workshop opens eyes and hearts. You’ll leave with a better understanding of your mission driven motives for telling socially relevant stories and be given practical ways to overcome fears of taking stands. A rich and thought-provoking instructional video for veteran activists or for those who are still discovering what causes call to them.

This recording of the Women’s Voices: Healing Stories Concert produced by Healing Story Alliance on January 7, 2024 as a fundraiser for HSA is filled with extraordinary folktales and poignant personal stories infused with woman’s sensibility.  It is emceed by Laura Simms and features women who serve on the HSA advisory and programming committees: Noa Baum, Karianna Rosenberg, Sara deBeer, Elisa Pearmain, Penny Post, Lani Peterson and Heather Forest. 

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