Diving in the Moon Journal 2015


Welcome to the 2015 Online Issue of
the Healing Story Alliance Journal!

Putting Down the Burning Coal: Transforming Resentments Into Forgiveness Through Story
Elisa Pearmain

Sometimes A Wild God
Tom Hirons

Stuck In History
Donna Jacobs Sife

Storytelling, Movement and Drama with Children
Sue Proctor

Her Story, Your Story, Our Story: An Afternoon With Women Who Have Escaped The Troll
Regina Ress with art by Emily McPhie

A Hungry Princess
Srebrenka Dumancic

The Golden Key: Wisdom from the Heart
Mary Louise Chown

The Upside Of Alzheimer’s
Jan Turner

Hymn to Persephone
Teeya Blatt

The Power of Story
Dr. Catherine Moore

A Chelm Story
Dan Yashinsky

Standing Up While Lying Down
Patricia Rose Ballard Coffie

The Story We Tell Ourselves
Lorna MacDonald Czarnota

Therapeutic Learning
Kay Stone

Little Red Car – A Toileting Tale
Susan Perrow

Co-editors Mary Louise Chown and Allison Cox thank all who offered their talents and time for this issue.

Please respect the copyrights of all of our contributors.

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