Healing Stories

Healing Treasures

The intention of this section is to present bite-sized and provocative stories accompanied by notes or an introduction provided by the particular teller to stimulate conversation and give context to the tale presented. 


Welcome to “A Pride of Tales,” stories that celebrate the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered,  questioning (and/or queer) and intersex people, and our allies (LGBTQIA). We are excited to create a resource for discovering and sharing these often overlooked tales. 

Stories We Live

 “Stories We Live”, is a place to explore the myriad uses of personal story and narrative to promote healing and conversation. 

Stories for Children in Crisis

Together with a coalition of international storytellers, Laura Simms has gathered traditional tales from around the world, stories that may provide an internal place of peace for children. Stories that explore and transform feelings of powerlessness and fear into courage and inspiration are enduring. It is our hope that these cultural treasures can provide new and rich images to replace actual or televised images of violence.

Children in Crisis Related Sites

This page has a list of resources for educators and parents to help students cope with and discuss tragedy fear, and grief.

Peace & Reconciliation

Somewhere on this planet, at any given time, human beings are at war. What can we do? How can we contribute our voices? As storytellers, we have an exceptional tool for helping to promote tolerance and understanding. It has been said that you can’t hate people once you’ve heard their stories. Whether or not that is precisely true, we may certainly find it more difficult to dehumanize and dismiss them.

Healing the Earth

We are featuring stories contributed by storytellers working in environmental settings or on educational projects with an environmental theme. We are focusing on uplifting stories that empower and encourage listeners to honor the environment and take action.

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