Healing Treasures

Healing Treasures is a special opportunity, akin to a reciprocal class given by one and all. The intention of this section is to present bite-sized and provocative stories accompanied by notes or an introduction provided by the particular teller to stimulate conversation and give context to the tale presented. We love feedback and reactions. But, our hope is that each person who enters the Healing Treasures will try out the story in whatever way they are inspired and then let us know what happens; what you discovered; how the story was used and received. It would be great to hear about the particular context in which you chose to work with the story, and also what benefit it might have served. In this way, we have a touchstone for discussion that is based on stories that more than one of us may be using at a time. We can begin to engage in a fruitful and creative dialogue about storytelling. Also, we want to remind people that the use of these stories is without restriction when it is informal, or for a healing situation. We ask that the particular storyteller/writer be acknowledged and if there is a cultural origin that it be honored by being mentioned. We only ask that the story not be recorded, or reused for any commercial purpose without specific permission from HSA and the author. In this way, we not only honor the timeless tradition of sharing stories, but also the timeless tradition of honoring the soulwork that brings each version to life. We’d love to hear from you – leave your comments at the end of the stories.

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