Stories for Peace

Storytelling in Pursuit of Peace and Reconciliation

Somewhere on this planet, at any given time, human beings are at war. What can we do? How can we contribute our voices? As storytellers, we have an exceptional tool for helping to promote tolerance and understanding. It has been said that you can’t hate people once you’ve heard their stories. Whether or not that is precisely true, we may certainly find it more difficult to dehumanize and dismiss them.

Many storytellers throughout the world devote much of their repertoire to stories of peace and reconciliation. Often, these stories are catalysts for discussion and personal or group transformation.

Why Bat Hangs Upside Down

Why Bat Hangs Upside Down

A story from Sudan, retold by Allison Cox. Long ago, when the world was new, the Creator called all the creatures together and told them, “The earth is filled with wondrous places – go out and find the place that you would call home.” So all the creatures went out and at first, all the […]

The Monk and the Samurai

Retold by John Porcino There was once a samurai warrior who traveled to the distant home of an old monk. On arriving he burst through the door and bellowed, “Monk, tell me! What is the difference between heaven and hell?” The monk sat still for a moment on the tatami-matted floor. Then he turned and […]

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