Stories for Children in Crisis

“A small key opens big doors” –Turkish Proverb

Our children need help in this time of crisis.

Together with a coalition of international storytellers, Laura Simms has gathered traditional tales from around the world, stories that may provide an internal place of peace for children. Stories that explore and transform feelings of powerlessness and fear into courage and inspiration are enduring. It is our hope that these cultural treasures can provide new and rich images to replace actual or televised images of violence.

There are immediate ways to help our children find calm while feeling strong emotions. One of these is the intimate sharing of stories. We can ease our children’s hearts while supporting the process of genuine mourning. These tales experientially remind us of the unceasing and potent resources of goodness, love, awareness, and spirit that we each have within ourselves as a natural birthright.

While a tale is being told, everyone telling the tale and everyone listening creates their own internally imagined story. Each person becomes the creator of his or her own story. These images arise within each person in a unique and personal way.

Stories contain seeds of healing, and telling them encourages growth and rejuvenation. Storytelling is an ancient method that has always served to bring people together and to stimulate creative imagination, wisdom, and compassion.

Laura Simms
Director of the Gaindeh Project, An International Storytelling for Survival Initiative
Phone: (212) 674-3479

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