Concerts and Workshops

Concerts and Workshops in Support of Resistance, Resilience, Compassion, and Community

HSA will be encouraging local events on these themes, and will publicize them here, as well as offering support and introductions to tellers who might be available to take part in these local events. We will publicize them in advance and provide reviews or summaries of the experiences and lessons learned from these events.

A suggestion made by Jenny Cargill-Strong provides a potential model for how to grow and interconnect local initiatives:

Dawn Services at the Bentley Fracking Blockade in Western Australia

“Can I throw in an idea? Here in Byron Shire, I have a private storytelling group of passionate storytellers. I keep it private to keep it inclusive and optimal in size. Maybe you could have an initial core group which becomes replicated to satellite groups. So what the core group learns or develops can become templates that other satellite groups can use and adapt as they like. Then they can talk online via a blog or the like. If similar social justice/ healing story groups are formed, let us know and we will post information about them here!”


HSA Teleconferences – Most of the recent HSA teleconferences have dealt with issues relevant to social justice issues and healing stories. See: Teleconference Recordings

Story In The Wild Conference, 2016, Norway

Festivals with Social Justice Themes included

NSN in Kansas City, June 28-July 2, 2017 – NSN Conference

Sharing the Fire – (in Massachusetts)

Toronto Storytelling Festival –

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