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Below are archives from the print issues of Diving in the Moon. If you would like a printed copy of the Journal please contact the National Storytelling Network for prices and availability. Phone: (800) 525-4514

The Sparrow’s Gifts

(HSA) Retold by Kevin Strauss, M.S. Ed.

Once, in old Japan, an old woman was gathering firewood in the forest when she saw a sparrow hopping around on the ground. It was almost as if the sparrow couldn’t fly. The woman put down her firewood and slowly walked up to the bird.

“Don’t worry, little friend,”…

The Most Beautiful Bird

RETOLD by LAURA SIMMS. ©Laura Simms 2012 Based on a Pygmy story from South Africa Please ask permission before telling this story. Contact: [email protected] Long long ago the most beautiful bird in the world lived in a thick forest.   Everyone knew that the beautiful bird brought the rain.  When she spread her wings, rain fell.   […]

Island Afternoon

By Allison Cox, ©2014. I managed to escape work early enough that afternoon. I remember wanting to escape all the traffic and concrete of the city. I was lucky enough to drive right onto the ferry just before it left for my island. Once home, I lingered on the front deck of my house, soaking […]

Epiphany in the Pawpaw Patch

By Doug Elliot. One sunny September day I was leading a nature walk at an environmental center in northern Indiana. We were in a grove of small trees with large, soft, tropical-looking leaves. In fact, this was the northern edge of the range of the tropical custard apple family.  In Mexico and Central America I […]

Shelley The Sea Turtle Meets Rustle The Plastic Bag

By J. R. Cargill © 2009. Once upon a time, there was a handful of little plastic pellets called Rustle. All Rustle longed for was to be useful. He dreamed of being a red umbrella or a yellow raincoat or a plastic toy… Then, one day, he got a job. He was taken to a […]

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