OARS Themes 2022

January 12th: Sara deBeer & Ruth Anne Faust
Hands Overflowing with Conversation

January 26th Kristin Pedemonti & Sarah O’Brien
What is the Glue that Keeps Us Together

February 9th Lani Peterson and Jyoti Pande
Tree Wisdom

February 23rd Mike Seliger and Liz Nichols
The Power of Laughter

March 2nd, Laura Simms and Lani Peterson
A special holding space for Ukraine

March 9th Karianna Rosenberg and Jan Mullen
Prelude to Our Inner Spring

March 23rd Joe Doolittle & Phyllis Blackstone
Heart-Grown & Hand-Made

April 13: Heather Forest & Lani Peterson
In Progress

April 27: Elisa Pearmain and Nyanna Tobin (Tech: Heather)
Inclusion: Expanding the Circle

May 11: Sara deBeer and Hearscrow (Tech: Elisa)
Remembering As Healing

May 25: Wally Scott and Radhieka Al Hakawati (Tech: Joe)
The Wheel of Time: Journeying to the Inevitable with Grace

June 8: Galen Brandt and Jackson Gillman (Tech: Heather)
Close Encounters of the Natural Kind

June 22: Heather Forest and Noa Baum (Tech: Elisa)
Challenges & Triumphs

July 13: Karianna Rosenberg and Penny Post (Tech: Lani)
When Life Throws You a Curve

July 27: Elisa Pearmain & Sara deBeer (Tech: Heather)

August 10: Joe Doolittle and Ai-Lin (Tech:Elisa)
Touched by Awe and Mystery

August 24: Sara deBeer and Jyoti Pande (Tech: Lani)

September 14: Heather Forest and Megan Wells (Tech: Lani )

September 28: Lani Peterson and Karen DeMauro (Tech: Elisa)
Protecting Our Gifts

October 12: Elisa Pearmain and Erin Johnson (Tech: Joe)

October 26: Mike Seliger & Regina Ress (Tech: Heather)
Honoring Ancestors

Nov 9th: Joe Doolittle & Penny Post (Tech: Elisa)
Touched by Praise & Gratitude

Nov 23: Elisa Pearmain & Usha Venkatraman (Kristin)

Dec. 14: Heather Forest & Jim Brule (Tech: Elisa)

Dec. 28: Laura Simms & Donna Jacobs (Heather)
Rising Up in the New Year

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