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Jan. 11: Galen Brandt & Jackson Gillman (Tech: Lani)

Jan. 25: Heather Forest & Lani Peterson (Tech: Joe)
New Directions

Feb. 8: Sara deBeer & Donna Marie Kuczynski (Tech: Karianna)
Sharing Smiles

Feb. 22: Lani Peterson & Linda Levinson (Tech: Elisa)
Celebrating Our Wisdom

March 8: Elisa Pearmain & Faye Mogenson (Tech: Heather)

March 22: Penny Post & Joe Doolittle (Tech: Karianna)
All Our Families

April 12: Mike Seliger, Michael D. McCarty & Joe Doolittle (Tech: Elisa)
At the Crossroads

April 26: Heather Forest & Galen Brandt (Tech: Lani)

May 10: Bob Kanegis & Liz Mangual (Tech: Noa)

May 24: Sara deBeer & Donna Marie Kuczynski (Tech: Elisa)
Welcoming and Receiving

June 14: Elisa Pearmain & Ai-Lin Chuah (Tech: Heather)
Stories as Touchstones

June 28: Jim Brule and Linda Schuyler Ford (Tech: Lani)
Balancing Loss, Transformation and Joy

July 12: Noa Baum & Regi Carpenter (Tech: Heather)

July 26: Heather Forest & Sara deBeer (Tech: Karianna)
Mentors and Muses

August 9: Karianna Rosenberg & Lani Peterson (Tech: Heather)
Awakened by Awe

August 23: Elisa Pearmain & Diane Rooks (Tech: Joe)
Finding Wisdom

September 13: Laura Simms & Sally Pomme Clayton (Tech: Heather)
Image as Medicine

September 27: Sara deBeer & Donna Marie Kuczynski ( Tech: Elisa & Noa )
Neighborhoods of our Lives

October 11: Heather Forest & Lani Peterson (Tech Elisa & Galen)

October 25: Penny Post & Angela Lloyd (Tech: Heather)
Memory: Friend or Foe

Nov 8: Linda Levinson & Karen DeMauro (Tech: Joe)
What Can the Parrot Teach Us?

November 22: Galen Brandt & Elisa Pearmain (Tech: Heather)

December 13: Sara deBeer & Ai-Lin Chuah (Tech: Heather)

December 27: Mike Seliger & Barbara Aliprantis (Tech:Heather)
Looking Back to Go Forward

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