PreConference Videos

Videos from the Healing Story Alliance Pre-Conference Session at the
2013 National Storytelling Network Conference

Pati Hernandez is the founder and facilitator of Telling My Story, a non-profit organization that works with communities in Prisons to provide a platform for people to express their stories by creating an original theater performance based on the stories of their lives. Dance, drumming, theater, creative writing, and visual arts are used to self-empower participants to tell their personal stories and to listen to the stories of others.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Through lesser known traditional tales, personal stories and exercises, Elisa Pearmain will engage attendees in methods for enhancing our capacity for self-forgiveness, for understanding the needs behind our anger, and cultivating compassion – all at the heart of forgiving others. She will give examples of her own work with clients on shifting focus away from victim mentality, resentment, and self-blame, and will illustrate and engage participants in methods that encourage drawing upon one’s inner resources for holding the stories of our pasts more peacefully, and envisioning the stories for our futures more hopefully.

Question and Answer:

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