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Facing My Fish

DIVING IN THE MOON HONORING STORY, FACILITATING HEALING ©Lani Peterson “There’s no way you’re gonna make me do this thing. No way.” I looked out across the seated group of eight adolescent girls. Their high school guidance counselor had referred them to this after school “Finding Your Voice” storytelling workshop. Most of the girls were […]

Tell Me a Story about Your Shoes

by Lani Peterson ©2014. One Thursday morning at the Women’s Lunch Place, a soup kitchen/community center to support homeless women in downtown Boston, I was given this gift of a story in response to the opening prompt “Tell me about your shoes.”  I pass this story along now in honor of the woman who shared […]

E Pakeha!

By Gaye Sutton ©1998. Moana Huaana was gorgeous, and when we were in Year Eight, at the old Porirua School on the edge of the mudflats where the City now stands, gorgeous was beginning to matter in a new way. Moana had a dark cloud of wavy hair, flashing eyes, and skin like Manuka honey. […]

Waving Back

by Allison Cox ©1997. A few years ago, I traveled with my two teenage daughters to Montana where we had once lived. We were so busy visiting old friends that it wasn’t till we were on our way out of town to go back home that we finally drove over to see our old house […]

Dancing With Dad

By Gail Rosen © 2013. It had been a year since my father died. It was a rough year. He’d been sick for a long, long time and I found myself grieving not only his death, but all the years in which our relationship was limited and shaped by his illness. I found myself talking […]

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