The Honest Truth: Folk tales of giants, the brounies and selkies have been told since time immemorial

The Sunday Post      May 29, 2018


In order to keep Scots folk and fairy tales alive, Scottish Storytelling Centre director Donald Smith has published a book Wee Folk Tales In Scots, Luath Press.


When asked what inspired him to write this book, Smith replied,

“I have been very lucky to hear Scotland’s greatest storytellers, past and present, telling the classic Scots folk and fairy tales.

The old storytellers were very conscious that they were passing on values about our environment and culture.

I can hear their voices in my head. But these stories were only available in academic books or in modern jokey versions.

I wanted to share what I was lucky to hear with everyone who cares to listen. Also these stories are unique – the tone is all its own.

They are just too special to lose. Also their language is important. The pith and smeddum of Scots is irreplaceable and gives the tales their unique character. Use it or lose it.”

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