The Narrative in a Suitcase Project

by Mary K. Clark

How can journey metaphors be used to assist child refuges?  Zimbabwean psychologist and narrative therapist, Ncazelo Nucbe-Mlilo shares the Narratives in the suitcase project. Story, play and creativity  are used to help children connect with their stories and dreams for the future. The project also helps others see and understand a fuller picture of the child.

The Dulwich Centre, a site devoted to narrative therapy and community work, shares a video in which Nucbe-Mlilo describes the project as well as a PDF of the work of Glynis Clacherty entitled The Suitcase Project.

My thanks to storyteller, Lani Peterson, for bringing this project to my attention.

– Mary


©Copyright 8/10/2013 by Mary K. Clark.  All Rights Reserved.

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